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Ford Cosworth 2.0 16v YB Turbo Long Rod (8.0:1 C/R) PEC Designed Wossner Forged Pistons & PEC Steel Connecitng Rod Kit  814.78 
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After years of market research and actual product testing in conjunction with several well respected tuning companies, PEC at last launches a breed of piston on too the European market.

One of the things missing from the European aftermarket industry, is a mass produced piston range that is engineered for the end users needs. Using the last decade's of experience, we here at PEC are confident we have developed a range of pistons to suit almost every possible need.

Most mass market piston manufacturers will rely on online data and a single customer's feedback when creating a piston, often without taking into account things like the average age of an engine, the correct cylinder head chamber volume, the correct gasket thickness. All this can be calculated, but it is never 100% correct..... Until now.

If you're buying a PEC piston kit, you are also buying into our research and development, as well as countless hours of experience and customer feedback on achieving the optimum level of performance from the pistons in your engine.

Crown features

This piston will give 8.0:1 on an unskimmed 4x4 cylinder head. On a 2wd cylinder head, the compression will be slightly lower at circa 7.8:1.



Part Number KH0328
Engine Type YB 2.0 16v Turbo
OE Bore Size 90.82mm
Bore Sizes Available

91.25mm - 2014.22cc

91.50mm - 2025.27cc

Stroke 76.95mm
Dome/Bowl Volume +17.5cc
Wossner Comp. Ratio


OE Comp. Ratio 8.0:1
Comp. Height 33.3mm
Valves Per Cylinder 4
Cylinders 4
Con Rod Configuration

H-Beam - G0023

I-Beam - G0186

Length C/C 136.00mm
Small End Diameter 24.00mm
Small End Width 25.80mm
Big End Diameter 55.00mm
Big End Width 25.80mm  


Available Options:
Con Rod Bolt Options:
ARP 2000 Series Bolts (Included) 
ARP 625 Series Bolts (Optional Upgrade) (+164.19) 
KH0328 Size Options:
91.25mm - KH0328D045 
91.50mm - KH0328D070 
YB & Pinto Long Rod Style:
I-Beam - G0186 
H-Beam - G0023 
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